Professional Photography

Sell your home faster. Our 2% listing fee includes professional photography of your home. Homes marketed with professional photos sell up to 3 weeks faster than homes marketed with DIY photos and command a selling premium of up to $11,000.

Professional Videography

Landing pages with video get up to 8x the interest rate of other media types. We know that well-produced videos are your key to winning buyers. We provide professional videography services for all new listings.

Open Houses

Open houses are scheduled and advertised through social media and emailed to the 8,000+ agents in Portland Metro area. Top agents from all throughout the Portland area will be notified about your listing. Making a big deal about the availability of your listing is what we do.

Pre-Sale Consultation & Staging Guidance

We provide an in-depth consultation on prepping your home and help arrange contractors for any repairs that may need to be fixed before listing. We help you find good staging partners to help your home look its best and command the most money.

Redfin, Zillow, Included

When everything is ready, we publish your listing to the every major real estate platform. Your listing will get as much reach as someone paying as high as 6% listing fee. You just saved up to 4% and got the same reach. Nice job.

I truly care about each of my clients and understand the buying or selling of a home is more than just a purchase, it has deep personal significance. I’m in it till the end, and stay fully committed to my clients care even after the closing.