Are you ready to get into your new home?

Two experts working to get you into the perfect home.

With Rebecca’s expertice in navigating the minutia of a deal, fierce and clever negotiating skills, and deep knowledge of the market coupled with Brandon’s vast knowledge of Housing structures, building systems and geography, you’re getting the premium package that you can’t get anywhere else. See how it’s all done below.


One of the first steps will be setting up a time for a full consultation. During this time we will seek to understand your needs, wants and desires for your new home.

Next we will breakdown the entire process from this moment all the way to close.

Finally we advise you on working with a lender and the title agency.

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The Search

Once we have established the parameters of your search, we will be using our vast set of resources to find you the perfect home.

This is the fun part! We will tour the homes at the top of your list, breakdown each homes pricing details, and evaluate each home in terms of its structure, systems, whether or not the asking price is low, high or right on the mark, and most importantly, how well it suites your needs.

If all the boxes are checked, we will submit an offer.

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Sealing the Deal

There may or may not be some back and forth on the exact details and contingencies of the offer, which Rebecca will navigate you through. Once the offer is accepted, we enter the inspection period.

This is where Brandon will step in to setup relevant inspections, gather repair estimates and generally consult on the best moves forward in the event that the inspections find new information.

Finally, Rebecca will continue to work with the Sellers, Title Agency and Lender to ensure a smooth closing. And then…The Keys!

Rebecca Wilson is the consummate real estate professional! She is not only a wonderful all-around person, but also the complete package as an agent. She combines strong intuition and emotional understanding with an excellent sense for numbers and process. Sh also possesses a razor-sharp understanding of the local market, as well as outstanding negotiation skills.


Let’s get you in your Home.