Now is the time to get a return on your investment.

When it comes to selling your home, there’s a lot to cover. That’s why you hire us. We are the experts in navigating this process and getting the most out of your sale.

In addition to the premium services listed below, all our our listings have a unique advantage: You’re getting two Brokers, for the price of one!

With Rebecca’s, deep knowledge of the market, fierce negotiating skills and expertice in contracts, coupled with Brandon’s vast knowledge of Housing structures, building systems and marketing, you’re getting the premium package that you can’t get anywhere else.


The first step will be setting up a free consultation where we will learn about your needs and wants. We will carefully and meticulously evaluate your home so that we can ensure you get the highest price possible in the sale.

Then Rebecca will share her deep knowledge of the market, layout the entire process in a simple way, and let you know exactly how we are going to market your home to get you the top-dollar.

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Premium Marketing

As soon as you’re ready to go, the marketing begins. We have the Premium marketing package.

Before the listing goes live we will show you exactly what you’ll need to do to prepare the house. We bring in the staging experts to prepare for pictures and tours. Next we will bring in our Professional Photographer and videographer to take photos and create a 3D virtual tour.

At this point, we upload the listing to every real estate web platform, and we’re live! Following that we carry out open-house events and setup all the showings.

Very soon, the offers start flowing in!

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Sealing the Deal

Rebecca will be relaying all the relevant information contained within each offer. She will consult on contingencies, and possible counter-offers. She will also be ensuring that you get the right buyer, who’s most qualified and least likely to walk away from the table.

Once the offer is accepted the inspection process begins and we will be with you every step of the way. The air can get quite turbulent at times, but that’s why you hired us, we know the way around the storm!

After this there’s not much more for you to do with the exception of signing on the line and trading in your equity for cash!

We tried selling our house two times over the course of five years. By the third time we hired Rebecca, and she was a go-getter from the beginning. She always took the time to talk and answer questions. She had the perfect ideas for marketing our home. When we got a buyer, the process started to get extremely complicated on their end of things but Rebecca hung in there with us (even though it began to drag on and on) and negotiated to the end. She also helped us get the house we wanted under unusual selling circumstances. I cannot say enough about Rebecca and the work she did for us! I would recommend her to anyone..


Let’s get you the return you deserve.